Any Font Icon You Like!

You get more than 360 font icons packed with the theme (Font Awesome) right out of the box. You can display these icons anywhere on the website using wm_icon shortcode.

What’s even better, you can use your own set of icons! Yes, you can replace the theme default icons set with your own one from Fontello = infinite number of font icon possibilities! Just upload a new icon font via a WordPress admin and that’s it!

 Icons can be used in headings too

Example of font icon used in text.  The font icon size will adapt to text size automatically, but using the size shortcode parameter you can alter the relative size of the icon.

You can also use round-border class on the icon to make it bordered: 

Social Icons

You can use any custom icon as a social icon. There are several predefined social icon backgrounds to use (see the shortcode code below).

Social Icons small

Dark and Light backgrounds:

Social Icons medium

Dark and Light backgrounds:

Social Icons large

Dark and Light backgrounds:

Social Icons extra large

Dark and Light backgrounds:

Shortcode and its parameters

[wm_icon class="icon-class" social="/Behance/Blogger/Delicious/DeviantART/Digg/Dribbble/Facebook/Flickr/Forrst/Github/Google+/Instagram/LinkedIn/MySpace/Pinterest/RSS/Reddit/Skype/SoundCloud/StumbleUpon/Tumblr/Twitter/Vimeo/WordPress/YouTube/background-dark/background-light" url="#" size="s/m/l/xl" /]

Icons and Social Icons

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